About Us.

All our beautiful Garden Rooms are made from the right treated timber with the right spacing for structure strength we build all Room with in regulations of planing, we fully install to an electric finish with double strengthening walls and ceiling with bi-folding doors, or your chosen preference. To our out standing composite cladding with no maintenance. We also can be flexible on finishing touches such as cladding, flooring, skirt, lighting, door,windows and landscaping. We use all the best materials and finding best prices for our customers, our garden room are more than the usual garden room more like an extension to your home.

Materials and Constructing.

Staring with our Concrete base or ground screw made for any room design depending on surface area, 4x2 tantalised treated timber with the right  spacing floor, walls and ceiling then to our 600m x 2400mm tongue and groove flooring fix and glued in places, all our external walls are strengthened with OSB boards then felt membrane to tackle any weather issues such as damp, condensation and mould. Our roofing system also allows to tackle with these issues, we have one layer foil insolation then boarded over the top with 18mm OSB boards, composite cladding is then cut and assembled we recommend using composite cladding because its ideal for a long lasting garden room because off the hard wearing compounds lasting up to 30 years plus guaranteed no maintenance, we also so offer alternative cladding such as cedar and wide range. we fit 4x double sockets then 10x down lighting in and external, with 2 up and down lights, finishing of with  skirting and flooring of your choice. 

Based In Shrewsbury, Shropshire.